Praise for her poetry

"Irene Marques by her deft redefinition of reader-audience relationships may have 'stooped to conquer' the modern condition by reconciling the individual 'Self' (through the myriad worlds of her poet-personae) with an 'Othered' public domain."

- CN Nkemdirim, African Journal of New Poetry

"The Perfect Unravelling of the Spirit ties the secular rituals of everyday to sacred rites of passage, binding language to love and longing, and to the livelihoods that are Irene Marques’ birthright. These poems bring new and old worlds into dialogue, and poetry into the presence of timeless, generous spirits."  

- J. Edward Chamberlin, If This is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories? 

“What impresses most in Irene Marques’s first book of poetry (Wearing Glasses of Water), are the expansive situations she creates. Rarely does small abide over large, or unadorned show instead of ornate, for this Portuguese-born Canadian writer revels in abundance and lush coloring. Call this fat poetry, not thin. At its best it reminds me of the magic realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez: everything writ large and interconnected.”

- ARC: Canada's National Poetry Magazine